Intego Mac Podcast, Episode #224: The Enemy in Your Pocket

DazzleSpy; Safari; vulnerability; malware. Nuff said? Don’t worry, we’ll have more. There’s quite a bit of money to be made from Apple’s bug bounty program; one recipient blabs on the payout. Time for procrastinators to update to iOS 15 as security updates dry up for earlier systems. Scammers are preying on prayers, prayer apps that is. And we’ve got another AirTags to the rescue adventure. Also, Apple released a whole slew of security updates right after we finished recording the podcast; check the link in the show notes for full info.

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Integrating Scrivener’s Binder, Corkboard, and Outliner

Scrivener’s philosophy is based on the awareness that many, if not most, writers don’t write long works from beginning to end, but rather jump around and build their projects in a non-linear manner. You write in the Editor, but Scrivener has three main ways to organize and rearrange your project: the Binder, Corkboard, and Outliner.

In recent articles, we’ve looked at how to power up the Binder, understanding how folders and texts work; how to use the Corkboard to brainstorm and rearrange your project; and how to plan your project using the Outliner.

In this article, I’m going to discuss how you can integrate these three powerful organizational tools when working on Scrivener projects.

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Todd Hido’s lonely side of suburbia, and 5 other new photo books worth checking out

This month, we’ve got five recently released photo books and a reprint of a modern classic to share with you, including Tokyo streets in B&W by Daido Moriyama, bright, colorful flowers by Cig Harvey, lockdown portraits by Michael Stipe, William Eggleston’s vivid transparencies, Michael Kenna’s look back at his seminary school, and Todd Hido’s first monograph, remastered.

This is the first of what will be a regular column I’m writing for Popular Photography.

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PhotoActive Podcast, Episode 109: Joe McNally Is The Real Deal

Joe McNally, who humbly refers to himself as a “working photographer,” has shot everything from high-concept editorial to the Olympic games, and established a reputation as one of the most generous photographers in the business. We talked with Joe about his dogged start on the streets of 1970s New York City and how he’s built his career, which he chronicles in his new book, The Real Deal: Field Notes from the Life of a Working Photographer.

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The Zen of Everything Podcast, Episode 66: Dropping

A key phrase of Dogen’s teaching is “dropping body and mind,” a description of his enlightenment. Jundo and Kirk discuss what this means, and how you can drop body and mind when sitting zazen.

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10 Ways End-to-Encryption Protects Your Data, Your Privacy, and Your Bank Balance

You may not understand how end-to-end encryption works, but you use it all the time. It protects your messages and emails, your purchases and bank transfers, and your access to websites and services. Governments around the world have tried to prohibit end-to-end encryption because they want to be able to listen in on what you say and spy on what you do.

In the UK, the government is planning a PR blitz to try to paint end-to-end encryption as dangerous, in reaction to Facebook adding end-to-end encryption to its Messenger app. The main thrust of their campaign is to paint end-to-end encryption as endangering children.

If end-to-end encryption is made illegal, you would not be able to do very much on the internet, at least not securely. Here are 10 ways that end-to-end encryption protects you.

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Intego Mac Podcast, Episode #223: How to Run Windows on an M1 Mac

A new Safari vulnerability can leak your browser history, 5G can interfere with airplane altimeters, Google Analytics is being targeted by EU courts, and we take a deep dive into running Windows on an M1 Mac.

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The Next Track, Episode #227 – The Crutch Interregnum

One of Doug’s favorite words is “interregnum,” and he uses it here to describe the transitional period when record companies lost control of their product.

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Organize Your Scrivener Project with the Corkboard

Scrivener offers three ways to organize your projects: the Binder, the Outliner, and the Corkboard. We’ve looked at how you can Use Folders and Texts to Power Up the Scrivener Binder, and how you can Plan Your Project with Scrivener’s Outliner. We have also examined how you can outline with just the Binder.

Now it’s time to look at Scrivener’s third organizational tool, the Corkboard. Modeled after a real “analog” corkboard, Scrivener’s tool lets you arrange and rearrange virtual index cards in order to plan and organize your projects. Here’s how to work with the Corkboard.

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Intego Mac Podcast, Episode #222: SysJoker Malware and Scams in the App Store

New SysJoker malware attacks Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. Apple has difficulty managing scams and copycat apps in its App Stores. And iCloud Private Relay is provoking ire among phone carriers.

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