10 Novels Strongly Connected To Stephen King’s The Dark Tower


“Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series is his magnum opus; the culmination, in a sense, of his life’s work. It’s a gathering together of all the worlds he has created through dozens of novels spanning multiple decades, and at some point in the next few years, a massive feature film adaptation of the series will be launched. An epic fantasy crossed with a Sergio Leone western mixed with sci-fi elements and horror, it’s unlike anything else in King’s catalog even while binding his voluminous output together.

The journey to make the series into a big screen production — a journey that, after many long years may finally be coming to an end — makes this a perfect time to examine some of the books connected to The Dark Tower, which itself spanned seven novels, plus an eighth standalone story (The Wind Through The Keyhole) published after the conclusion of the original series.”

I’ve recently started re-reading the Dark Tower series for the third time; I’m just at the end of the second book, The Drawing of the Three. I have always appreciated Stephen King’s work, but the Dark Tower stands out not only because the breadth and complexity of the story line, but because it is a long series. King is not a series author, though he has recently been writing a short series around a detective.

After I first read the Dark Tower, I realized how many links there were to King’s other books, and I went back and re-read some of them. This article – unfortunately, one page per book to increase clicks – highlights ten of them, including some not written by King.

If you haven’t read The Dark Tower, now is a good time to start. You can start with the first book, The Gunslinger (Amazon.com, Amazon UK), or you can even pick up a box set of the first four books (Amazon.com, Amazon UK). But if you’re a fan of science fiction and fantasy, you really should read these books. They are epic, and memorable.

Source: 10 Novels Strongly Connected To Stephen King’s The Dark Tower