8 Things to Teach Your Kids Never to Give Out Online

Children sometimes say the darnedest things. And that’s fine, if they’re at home, at school, or hanging out with friends. But if they’re online–on social media, in chat rooms, in online multiplayer apps–then the things they say can have consequences.

When kids are chatting with others on the Internet, they may mention personal information that shouldn’t be shared. They may talk about where they are, or where they’re planning to be. They may mention that their parents aren’t home, or that they’re working late. And they may give out their address, phone number, or more. All of these things can be very dangerous.

Parents need to explain to children what things they should never give out online, and kids need to understand why. In this article, I’m going to discuss 8 things that kids should never mention online. If you’re a parent, take some time to talk to your children and explain why these bits of seemingly innocuous information can lead to danger.

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