A New Version of The White Album, with Demos, Outtakes and More

It’s funny, the Beatles have always been there, and I know all their hits, own all their official releases (in the latest remasters), but I’ve only really been a passive fan of the group. You couldn’t have avoided them back when I was young, and there were a few Beatles records among the first albums I bought, but I’ve never felt the affection, the obsession, that many feel for the band. (Unlike, say, the Grateful Dead…)

So the fact that there’s a new edition of The Beatles (The White Album) is interesting, but my first though was just that “here’s another super deluxe edition of a record that wasn’t that important.” But going to my iTunes library to play the album, I realize how many great songs there were. Perhaps it’s the fact that after the “concept” albums – Magical Mystery Tour and Sgt. Pepper – the white album comes across as a compilation with little coherence. It is, however, one of the peak’s of the band’s creativity, and about half the songs on the album are classics.

This new edition – about which Rolling Stone has much to say – seems interesting, in part because of three discs of acoustic demos; the Beatles’ Basement Tapes, perhaps, or the Fab Four Unplugged. Do I want to spend what it costs for the deluxe super edition? Not sure. (Amazon.com, Amazon UK)

But I admit I’m curious to hear more of the origins of this album that I have long sloughed off unimportant.

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  1. I confess to having been a Beatles fan since their beginning and Help was the very first album I ever bought. To me, what they produced transcends normal music. Nostalgia no doubt has a lot to do with it, but truly they were brilliant and The White Album stands as one of their best.

    I purchased the box set of all their albums when George Martin re-engineered and re-produced them onto CD and they are a stunning testament to what can be done with old analogue recordings.

    I am always interested in any new Beatles material that gets released, but £140 for a White Album re-hash? Really? Someone is having a laugh. As I said, I do love The Beatles music, but nothing would convince me to part with such an outrageous sum for this re-release. The original is a classic and I’ll continue to enjoy listening to that, although somewhat tempered now by the knowledge that someone is being very greedy with this material. As far as I’m concerned, they can go and do it in the road.

    • Yes, that price is surprising. I note that it’s lower on Amazon.com (it was around $120 when I posted this, which would translate to around £90), so maybe the price will drop. But it is excessive for what it is.

      This said, the forthcoming Dylan deluxe edition – I haven’t posted about it yet, but I will – is selling around that price too, and it’s only six discs, but it’s a limited edition.

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