Adjust AirPod Settings on iOS and macOS

AirPods offer some settings that you can tweak. Here’s how to do this on iOS, and on a Mac.

On iOS, go to Settings > Bluetooth, then find your AirPods in My Devices. Tap the i icon to the right of its name. You’ll see some options to disconnect the AirPods, forget them, and change their name. Scroll down, and you see the following:

Airpods settings ios

You can choose whether a double-tap activates Siri, plays or pauses music, or does nothing. You can turn on or off automatic ear detection (so AirPods automatically activate when they’re in your ears), and you can choose whether the AirPods automatically choose which one’s microphone is active, or if you want it to always the microphone to use the right or left AirPod.

You can access similar settings on a Mac. Go to System Preferences > Bluetooth, then click Options next to the name of your AirPods. You can see the same options as with iOS.

Airpods options osx

If you want to rename your AirPods on a Mac, just right-click on their name in the Bluetooth preference pane and choose Rename.

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