AirPods Tip: Quickly See How Much Charge Remains on AirPods and Case

If you have AirPods, you may want to know how much charge they have. There are two quick ways to do this. If you have the AirPods in your ears, go to an iPhone home screen, then swipe left until you see your widgets. If you have the Batteries widget visible, the AirPods (and the case, if it’s within range), will be listed, with their battery percentages:

Airpods widget

This also works if the AirPods are in their case, and you open the top of the case.

But there’s an even quicker way to see the charge if the AirPods are in their case. Just flip open the charging case, and look at your iPhone. If it’s not asleep, you’ll see this (if it is asleep, just wake it up to see this display):

Airpods charge

Note that if the battery in the case is dead, the screen above does not display. I guess this is understandable, but it means you won’t know how much power your AirPods have until you put them in your ears, at which time you can see them in the Batteries widget.

So if you’d run out of power and put the AirPods in the case to charge them, all you need to do is open the case and look at your iPhone to see if there’s enough charge to start using them again.