Alternatives to Apple’s Podcasts iOS app

If you’re a podcast fan, you have many ways to listen to your favorite shows. You can download them to iTunes and listen to them on your Mac. You can sync them from iTunes to your iOS device, and listen to them with Apple’s Podcasts app. You can subscribe to them on the Podcasts app, and download them only to your iOS device. Or you can use one of a number of third-party apps on iOS.

Apple’s Podcasts app can be complicated and confusing. Designed to sync with iTunes, the app has a befuddling approach to organizing podcasts, with organization by podcast, playlist, and “station.” Syncing is often unreliable, so if you do manage your podcasts in iTunes, and want to listen on your iOS device, you’re likely to have differences between the two.

Unless you listen to podcasts often on your Mac, it’s probably best to not even use iTunes for this type of media. I’ve given up on iTunes for podcasts, and listen to them on my iPhone. I sometimes stream them to my Apple TV in the living room, or to an AirPlay speaker. Or I use Rogue Amoeba’s Airfoil Speakers to turn my Mac into an AirPlay receiver and listen to them there.

Here are a few iOS apps that let you listen to podcasts and manage them much more efficiently than Apple’s solution.

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