Amazon Dash Buttons Now Available in UK; Yawn

Amazon has released its Dash buttons in the UK. There are 48 different gizmos that let you order items with a single button press. These aren’t new; they’ve been available in the US for a while, but I never really looked at them. So I did check them out today.


There’s not a single product I use in the list. I don’t use the big-brand laundry detergents, I abhor air fresheners, and I buy cheaper toilet paper and tissues than what Amazon is pushing. I could see the use if I had a baby or toddler: ordering more diapers by pressing a button is tempting. But how hard is it to order something on a computer, phone, or tablet?

One brand that I was surprised to see is Derwent. You can order pencils with an Amazon Dash button by pressing a button. Because you definitely run out of pencils so often that you need to quickly place a one click order. Don’t get me wrong; I like Derwent pencils. Derwent Graphic pencils are my go-to writing instruments. But it’s unlikely that I’d ever need a new box of pencils quickly enough that I would want a button to order them.

Amazon dashTitus the Cat would probably like me to get a Dreamies Dash button. He loves these things. I suspect they have crack in them. I generally give him a few most evenings, to remind him that if he comes home in the morning, there are good things to be had. But a bag of Dreamies lasts a couple of months; and you can only order eight at a time. It could be practical to order cat food with a press of a button, but they don’t have the brand that Titus likes.

I don’t really see the point of these things. They don’t make it that much easier to order anything, and they are limited to only a handful of brands.