Amazon Sells Books by Several Stephen Kings


Amazon has been deceptively marketing and selling books by some other “Stephen King” as the work of this Stephen King for several years. Despite innumerable requests from us to address this problem within their system, these books are still listed as authored by and associated with Stephen King, the author of Misery, Carrie, etc.

This isn’t new. This is a problem with Amazon, but also with the iTunes Store. If there are two authors or artists with the same name, they get grouped together. These technologies have no way of distinguishing them. You’d think that for an author of Stephen King’s renown, Amazon would try to sort this out, but they don’t care.

It’s not simple, but these sites need a disambiguation system similar to what Wikipedia uses. Sure, it won’t display “Stephen King (author of The Stand),” but that can be in the database to separate the two.