Amazon should think outside the box – TechCrunch

Recent news that Amazon is working on a way to deliver items inside your door, without packaging, is huge. It means that e-commerce might overcome its greatest obstacle: Thinking inside the box.

Consumers are increasingly embracing the convenience of online retailers, the most popular of which is Amazon — 55 percent of online shoppers now start their product searches on the platform. Internet purchasing just makes sense — why drive to the hardware store to pick up a few specialized screws when getting them delivered right to your door is but clicks away?

Perhaps because the hardware store won’t drown the screws in cardboard? It won’t suffocate them with inflatable pillows made from plastic, which is even more harmful because it is less likely to be recycled, takes 10,000 years to biodegrade and is more likely to end up in our oceans.

I wrote about this a while ago. Many of my Amazon purchases are in boxes that are five, even ten times the size of the items.

Source: Amazon should think outside the box | TechCrunch