Amazon Sidewalk Wants to Share Your Wi-Fi: Here’s How to Disable It

Amazon Sidewalk is a new feature of Amazon devices, which goes live on June 8 in the US, that allows these devices to share their wi-fi with other, nearby Amazon devices. Amazon claims that Amazon Sidewalk will help ensure that your Echo and Ring devices remain connected through a sort-of mesh wi-fi network created by these devices.

For example, if you have some Ring security cameras, and one of them is at a location outside your home that is just out of range of your wi-fi, the device can piggyback on your neighbor’s wi-fi, if they also have Ring devices. Since Ring devices are quite popular – especially for doorbells – many people live in areas where the range of these devices may overlap. Or if your wi-fi goes down, you can still get notifications via a neighbor’s internet connection.

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