Amazon to Ban the Sale of Dangerous USB-C Cables

Amazon is banning the sale of USB-C cables that don’t meet specifications. As Ars Technica reports:

Amazon has added shoddy and non-standards-compliant USB Type-C cables and adapters to its list of restricted products. This means that third-party marketplace sellers can no longer sell USB Type-C products that aren’t compliant with relevant USB standards.

USB-C cables are required to use the 12″ MacBook, as well as some Google Chromebook devices. As I previously reported, a Google employee has been testing cables and reviewing them on Amazon, highlighting which ones are compliant, and he even had one fry his laptop.

What I would like to know is how Amazon is going to certify these cables? If I buy one sold on Amazon, and it still damages my MacBook, can I claim redress from Amazon? It’s a good thing that Amazon is being more stringent, but unless they can guarantee the the cables sold on their site are safe, I’ll still hesitate.