Amazon under fire for new packaging that cannot be recycled – The Guardian

Amazon has been criticised by environmental groups and customers after introducing a range of plastic packaging that cannot be recycled in the UK.

While supermarkets and other retailers have been reducing their use of single use plastics, the world’s biggest online retailer has started sending small items in plastic envelopes, seemingly to allow more parcels to be loaded on to each delivery truck.

This started a few weeks ago. I’ve had several deliveries in these non-recyclable envelopes, most of them for items that barely fill one-tenth of the available space. I’ve decided that I will refuse delivery of any such package from Amazon in the future.

Source: Amazon under fire for new packaging that cannot be recycled – The Guardian

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  1. I guess my method of simply not buying anything from Amazon is a bridge too far for some people? There are many other online retailers.

    • I do buy more and more from others when possible. However, other online retailers don’t have the selection Amazon does, and prices are often a lot higher. And since I live in a rural area, I don’t have a lot of local options (and I don’t want to drive a half hour when I need something simple).

  2. Your article made me look carefully at the Amazon envelope when I got it. Here in California, we do have supermarkets with bins for recycling plastics, but obviously that is a bit of an effort. Perhaps more importantly, the recycling image says to remove the paper label before recycling. Easier said than done. With four or five tears, I managed to remove about half of it. Is it okay to recycle the bag like that? Or would putting that bag in the bin cause problems? I went to, but they don’t answer that question. They do not have any way to ask them a question, but they do have a survey so I filled it out and asked that question in the comments. I’ll see if I get a reply.

    I do try to group my Amazon orders, but in this case I ordered one small item, and it is true that it’s better in an envelope than a (relatively) huge box.

    I would definitely hope that Amazon finds a compostable bag that is suitable for mailing. Or at least use peelable labels.

    In the meantime, thanks to Ed Mecham for the link of alternatives. I have bookmarked that page.

  3. To Larry Rosenblum: Same issue: how to more easily “Remove Paper Label Before Recycling”: Someone suggested on another site to use a hair-dryer on the label to soften the adhesive. I just tried it (for a little less than a minute) and the label DID come off relatively easily, and intact! But it seemed like about half the adhesive stayed on the plastic package, so I’m not sure if that accomplishes what is needed….. I don’t understand whey Amazon does not print directly on the packaging with compliant ink.

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