An Archive of Avant-Garde Music Recordings from the 1950s to 1970s

A couple of months ago, I linked to the Avant-Garde Project, which has an archive of avant-garde musical recordings, all out of print, that you can download. I’ve spotted another, similar collection of recordings on UbuWeb: the Wolf Firth Archive. As the site says:

Wolf Fifth was a modernist music blog, featuring out of print and orphaned classics. Like so many great blogs, they fell victim to the cloud locker wars. Fortunately, UbuWeb’s pal Justin Lacko downloaded the entire archive before they went down and donated the collection to UbuWeb. As you can see by the list below, there’s a ton of stuff, and it’s going to take quite some time to get this all sorted and posted on Ubu. So stay tuned. We’re working on it.

You can download or stream these recordings from the site. If you’re interested in this sort of stuff, it’s a gold mine of rare, edgy music.