An Audiophile Switches From iOS to Android – Computer Audiophile

Note: I originally started this piece as an in-depth look at Android for audiophiles. I wanted to do the research and educate people so they didn’t have to spend their time combing the entire Internet. I figured the article would be a great resource for getting the best sound out of an Android device. After several days of research, talking to experts, even talking to Google, this article turned in a little different direction. There are major problems with Android audio. I ran into them. I tried to provide details and some workarounds, amid my frustration.

Chris Connaker, who runs the Computer Audiophile website, and who has been a guest on The Next Track several times, decided he wanted to try an Android phone. He chose what seems to be the best available model: the Google Pixel. The problems he encountered trying to play music are astounding. It’s not just that he couldn’t play high-resolution music, but he found that the phone doesn’t even have a hardware volume control switch.

I feel sorry for Android users who expect to be able to do more than the basics. Chris knows a lot about audio, and this should have been easy. It’s a tale of woe.

Source: Computer Audiophile – An Audiophile Switches From iOS to Android