An iPhone without a headphone jack? No way!

Every now and then an Apple rumor takes on a life of its own. Websites start treating it as fact and speculation starts on whether the new product/feature/change is a good idea. Michael Simon did just that this week when he wrote about the current rumor that Apple may remove the headphone jack from the iPhone. He thinks it’s a great idea. I think it would be terrible.

This rumor is not new. It started in June 2014 when Apple released specifications for using the lightning port for audio. Back then, pundits imagined a future without headphone jacks. While Apple didn’t remove the jack, headphone manufacturers were able to create headphones with advanced features such as an onboard DAC (digital-analog converter). So far, there is one headphone–Phillips’ Fidelio M2L–that uses this technology.

It’s hard to imagine that Apple would remove the headphone jack…

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