App Review: Ulysses for iPad, a Markdown Text Editor and Document Manager

Last year, I reviewed Ulysses III for OS X, explaining that it “is much more than just a Markdown editor […] as it includes a good number of organizational features.” Since then, The Soulmen, the app’s developer, has updated the OS X app to version 2, and introduced an iPad app. The $20 Ulysses for iPad attempts to reproduce the OS X experience–interface and features–on an iPad, and does so quite well.

I prefer using apps that have both iOS and OS X versions: I find it makes my computing experience smoother if I shift between devices. If you feel that way, you know that the iOS version of your favorite app can’t be an exact copy of the OS X version, but you want it to be as close as possible. The Soulmen previously released an iPhone app called Daedalus Touch, which offers some compatibility with Ulysses, but does so in a confusing manner. Ulysses for iPad, however, is nearly a mirror image of the OS X app, allowing you to smoothly switch from one to the other.

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