Apple, AirPlay, and “Tap-to-Radar”

Tap to radarI was listening to music last night, streaming from my iPhone to my HomePods. At one point, the audio started glitching, and when I looked at my iPhone, I saw this dialog. I was quite confused, and before I could do anything, it went away.

There are several problems with this dialog. First, I happen to know what a “radar” is; it’s the term used for a bug report in Apple’s developer bug reporting system. But most users won’t know what this means. I was not running a beta version of iOS on my phone, and I don’t use the same Apple ID for my personal data as I do for my developer account, so there’s no reason why anything using the term “radar” should display on my iPhone.

Second, why is this being shown to normal users? Is it some debug code that was forgotten when iOS 11.4 shipped?

Finally, it went away before I could even react; I was curious to see what would happen if I tapped Tap-to-Radar.

Perhaps it’s just another case of Apple not cleaning up the code in their OS releases. Has anyone else seen this, perhaps when using a beta version of iOS?