Apple Brings Back Free on iTunes Section of iTunes Store

Screen Shot 2015 01 26 at 9 36 23 AMA couple of weeks ago, it was thought that Apple had stopped giving away free singles of the week on the iTunes Store. The company no longer showed a single of the week, and a broader Free on iTunes section had also been removed, even though there was still free content in the Apps and TV Shows areas of the store.

Apple has brought back the Free on iTunes section of the iTunes Store, with access from a brick currently only on the main page of the Music section. In the past, there was a Free on iTunes link in the Quick Links sidebar. Hopefully, Apple will provide a better way to link to this section.

The Free on iTunes section currently only lists songs and TV shows, but it is possible that Apple may add other content, such as apps and books in the future. While there is no “Single of the Week,” there are 16 free songs, across various genres; perhaps Apple has extended their free choices much more than in the past. (There were often other free tracks that weren’t labeled Single of the Week.) As for TV shows, there are 24 full-length episodes, and the Free on iTunes section doesn’t list the many free trailers and previews that are also available in the TV Shows section of the iTunes Store.