Apple Delays Major macOS Server Upgrade

Back in January, Apple published a document detailing changes that were coming to macOS Server, the company’s server version of its desktop operating system. I reported about it when the company made the announcement, which said that macOS Server:

is changing to focus more on management of computers, devices, and storage on your network.

Apple had said this new version would be released in Spring 2018, which could mean any time up to the WWDC conference in June.

I revisited the document that Apple had published yesterday, and noticed that it had been updated a couple of weeks ago, and that it now says:

In fall 2018, Apple will stop bundling open source services such as…

This coincides with the next release of macOS, which probably makes more sense overall, but it won’t make those people who depend on macOS Server any more confident, since they’ve certainly started looking for solutions already, and they are in the air about how the new version of Server may work. It is, of course, possible that Apple pushed back this release in the face of customer complaints.