Apple iCar Sightings Are Apple Mapping Vehicles

Some months ago, the Applesphere was abuzz with people reporting about Apple iCar testing vehicles being spotted in the wild. (Here’s one example.) Despite the fact that the idea was ludicrous – that if they were testing vehicles, they wouldn’t be on roads, and wouldn’t have all those cameras – this fueled rumors that Apple was working on a car. (Not that they might not be doing so…)

Well, Apple has now published a web page listing schedules for Apple Maps vehicles. So these cars aren’t tests for a mythical iCar; they’re just doing street view photos. I see they’ll be in Warwickshire later this month; I’ll keep my eyes out for one.

(I’d post a photo of one of the cars, but I don’t want to rip off pictures from other websites. If I see one, I’ll try and snap some pics.)