Using a 4in screen in 2016 is a compromise. Websites feel very cramped, apps often leave only a small amount of screen to the content they’re trying to display and buttons can end up very small making tapping them a bit of a challenge.

This poor Guardian reviewer, obliged to test a phone that’s too small for his hands. His review is full of complaints like those above.

Yet many people – myself included – find the smaller phone easy to handle, easier to pocket, and not at all diminutive. Saying that it is “too small for most people” suggests that he hasn’t been talking to enough people. In my contacts, there is a fairly large segment of the market that is delighted to have an updated 4″ iPhone. I’m glad there are multiple options; I wish this reviewer could understand that there are people who don’t think the size is a disadvantage.

Source: Apple iPhone SE review — too small for most people | Technology | The Guardian