Apple Is Killing Off iTunes Allowances

Apple has announced that the company is ending iTunes allowances. This is a feature where you could send a child, or other person, a set amount of money in iTunes / App Store credit per month. Apparently, it hasn’t been successful enough for Apple to continue it; most people probably don’t know that it exists. (I wrote about this last year for the Mac Security Blog.)

According to Apple:

After April 13, 2016, you will no longer be able to create a new iTunes Allowance. All existing allowances will cancel May 25, 2016.

After May 25, any unused allowance credit will remain in the recipient’s account until it’s used.

And if you want to give gifts, or provide credit to your family, Apple says:

To manage iTunes purchases made by your family, use Family Sharing. To send gifts to family and friends, use iTunes Gifts.