Apple Is U2ing macOS Installers to Users Running Older Versions of its Operating Systems

Remember when Apple forced a U2 album into the iTunes libraries of everyone in the world? How did that work out for the company? And for the band?

Well, as Jim Dalrymple is reporting on The Loop, Apple will start forcing downloads of the macOS Sierra installer to users who have not yet updated to the new operating system. This is wrong in so many ways.

  • You may have a metered internet connection, and this installer may put you over your quota and cost you money.
  • You may simply not want to upgrade to macOS Sierra.
  • You may not have much bandwidth, and downloading this installer could cause problems.

Now, the upgrade itself isn’t automatic; you still get to choose whether you install it or not. But I consider it wrong, terribly wrong, for Apple to use my bandwidth without my approval. I currently have decent internet access: 16 Mb/sec. But a year ago, I had less than 4 Mb/sec, and I would not be happy if there were a download in the background, which I might not be able to stop, clogging up my tubes.

So, right now, go to System Preferences > App Store, and make sure that Download newly available updates in the background is turned off.

No, Apple, this is just wrong. There is no valid reason to do this.