Apple May Be Working on 7th-Generation iPod Touch – MacRumors

Apple could have a 7th-generation iPod touch in the works, according to new information shared today by Japanese site Mac Otakara.

Several suppliers at CES 2019 reportedly told Mac Otakara that a 7th-generation iPod touch “might” be in development as a replacement for the 6th-generation version.

Here in the UK, the point-of-sale devices at Apple Stores are based on the iPod touch. And I’ve seen couriers using them as well. I’ve also heard that they are popular in warehouses, because they can run apps to manage orders and inventory, and they aren’t as expensive as iPhones or as large as iPads. Here’s one example of a scanner the iPod touch. (And the iPad mini is a common point-of-sale device in stores here as well.)

So while Apple probably doesn’t sell a lot of iPod touch devices to individuals, they probably have a strong worldwide enterprise demand for the device. I’m not surprised that it will be updated to ensure compatibility with the next few generations of iOS.

Source: Apple May Be Working on 7th-Generation iPod Touch, 2019 iPhones Could Adopt USB-C – MacRumors

11 thoughts on “Apple May Be Working on 7th-Generation iPod Touch – MacRumors

  1. I don’t understand the need for a new iPod touch, especially when we have iPhone. I would like to see Apple introduce something new like they did in the Steve Jobs era.

    On the other hand, I will be happy if they introduced an iPod that isn’t so much the iPod touch but is good for sports and to take in the gym with you. A device that is cross between an iPod touch and a shuffle.

  2. I still don’t know how to move some of my itunes library to play in my car, now that the iPod classics are gone. I need about 100gb…iPhones don’t have the capacity. Anyway, maybe something will happen.

        • My point is that the base iPhone in the X-series is 64GB, with 128GB only $50 more—pretty close to the rare and expensive 160GB model ($430 in 2019 dollars) available at the end of the hard drive based iPod era. iPhones have more than enough capacity.

          We’ll see more when/if these rumored iPods touch are released on how much solid-state storage they’ll offer, and for what price.

          While we’re way off topic, pray tell: what product was force “degraded” on you in the past?

  3. I would much rather save my phone battery for other functions, which is why I still use a separate music player. Recommendation – get a Sony Walkman (Yes… Sony Walkman) NWZ-17. They cost about $300 new. 64 GB on-board storage, but also accommodates SD cards. I have a 128 in mine, so total of 192 GB storage. Player also supports High Resolution files, not just MP3. Connect via Bluetooth or AUX. Highly recommended by me.

  4. They’re also used as audio guides in a lot of museums. Seen (and used) them in New York, France and Spain. So, no, I’m also not surprised that an updated version’s apparently in the works.

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