Apple May Be Working on 7th-Generation iPod Touch – MacRumors

Apple could have a 7th-generation iPod touch in the works, according to new information shared today by Japanese site Mac Otakara.

Several suppliers at CES 2019 reportedly told Mac Otakara that a 7th-generation iPod touch “might” be in development as a replacement for the 6th-generation version.

Here in the UK, the point-of-sale devices at Apple Stores are based on the iPod touch. And I’ve seen couriers using them as well. I’ve also heard that they are popular in warehouses, because they can run apps to manage orders and inventory, and they aren’t as expensive as iPhones or as large as iPads. Here’s one example of a scanner the iPod touch. (And the iPad mini is a common point-of-sale device in stores here as well.)

So while Apple probably doesn’t sell a lot of iPod touch devices to individuals, they probably have a strong worldwide enterprise demand for the device. I’m not surprised that it will be updated to ensure compatibility with the next few generations of iOS.

Source: Apple May Be Working on 7th-Generation iPod Touch, 2019 iPhones Could Adopt USB-C – MacRumors