Apple Music and Metadata: No Humans Involved

Update: Apple has corrected this, with a separate artist page for this Genesis. However, the genre is now listed as Christian & Gospel, at least when I view the album on the web. It is still Hip-Hop/Rap in the Music app.


Looking at Apple Music For You this morning, I checked out the New Releases list. I was surprised to see that the latest release in my list was a new recording by Genesis, called No Grey Areas.

“Genesis has a new record,” I wondered? I thought I would have heard about that. I clicked on the album cover, and it said that it was in the Hip-Hop/Rap genre. So I clicked on Genesis to see if there was another artist named Genesis, you know, other than the Peter Gabriel / Phil Collins band, and here’s what I saw:


Oh, so it is the same Genesis? I started playing it…

Nope, it’s a rapper with the same name, and no one at Apple Music could be bothered to make sure that it shows up correctly.