Apple Music Annoyance: “iCloud Status: Waiting” and Missing Matched Tracks

I use iTunes Match, iCloud Music Library, and Apple Music on my MacBook, sine I don’t trust these services with my main music library. As such, I have a test library, with a subset of my music, along with a few hundred albums and playlists I’ve added from Apple Music.

I’ve been cleaning this up recently, removing many of my ripped and matched/uploaded tracks, and replacing them with stuff from Apple Music. I’ve found a disturbing trend with much of my uploaded music: a lot of it is not available, and its iCloud status is Waiting. It’s not possible to play or download these tracks.

If I select a track, and press Command-I, the File tab tells me this:


And when I view my library by album, I can see whole sections of my library that are MIA.

Icloud status waiting

I’ve tried refreshing iCloud Music Library; you can do this by choosing File > Library > Update iCloud Music Library. But this doesn’t fix the issue.

I note that this is only a problem for uploaded tracks (i.e., not matched tracks), such as music by The Beatles, live albums by The Grateful Dead which aren’t on the iTunes Store, my Bill Nelson collection, and more. In other words, iTunes Match and iCloud Music Library are working less well with uploaded music than before.

And this isn’t just a problem in iTunes; on my iOS devices that use Apple Music, I see the same thing.


If I tap one of these songs in iOS, I get an alert:

Missing alert

So, whole swathes of my iTunes library are missing and unavailable. After all the time I spent initially uploading these tracks, they’re just gone. Huh.

I wish I had a solution for this. If anyone has managed to resolve this problem, post your solution in the comments.