Apple Music Annoyance: When Music Just Stops

There are lots of problems with Apple Music, and I’m trying to give it a chance to earn some respect. But as I’ve been listening to music on my MacBook in the past few days, I’ve found a serious annoyance. Every now and then, the music just stops. I get to the end of a track, and the next one doesn’t start. Right now, I’m listening to Igor Levit’s recent recording of Bach’s Goldberg Variations, and this has already happened several times in just 20 tracks.

Apple music stops

As you can see above, there’s a blue line in the progress bar of the iTunes LCD. When music is playing, the line isn’t blue; it looks like this:

Apple music stops2

Sometimes, I just have to double-click the next track to start playback, and sometimes even that doesn’t work. It’s not a network issue; my internet is certainly fast enough. It’s either a local iTunes problem, or an Apple Music server problem. But it’s annoying.

I haven’t experienced this on iOS devices, however, so it must be limited to iTunes playback.

Oh, and, as I write this, that variation 21, in the second screen shot above, just finished, and the next track hasn’t started up yet… Sigh.