Apple Music Head Leaves Before the End of Three Month Trial Period

As the Financial Times reports, Apple executive Ian Rogers has left the company, even before the end of the three month Apple Music trial period. As the Financial Times says:

Ian Rogers was part of the executive team that joined Apple last year when the company acquired Beats, the audio group started by Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine, for $3bn.

Since the completion of the deal Mr Rogers has led the development of Apple’s Beats1, hiring Zane Lowe, the former BBC radio DJ, as a presenter and crafting an eclectic mix of shows streamed from London, New York and Los Angeles that have been well received by critics and listeners.

Mr Rogers is leaving to join a company in Europe in “an unrelated industry.” “Apple confirmed that Mr Rogers was leaving the company but declined to comment further.”

Given all the problems with Apple Music, it’s not surprising that heads roll, but so soon? I guess they’re going to bring in someone who can hopefully make things work better. Of course it’s always possible that Mr Rogers left because he wasn’t happy the way Apple Music was designed. We’ll probably never know…

Update, September 1: Mr Rogers has joined LVMH as Chief Digital Officer, whatever that means.