Apple Music Launches Today

Apple is to launch Apple Music at 8am Pacific time today, when iOS is updated to version 8.4 (and an iTunes update is available as well). So those in the US will be able to try it out during the day; we in Europe will have to wait until late afternoon or early evening.

I’m not going to hurry to post my thoughts about Apple Music. I want to give it a day to be able to try it out for a while, and understand its interface. So, if you want a first look at it, go read Jim Dalrymple’s article on The Loop. He got a preview yesterday from Eddy Cue and Jimmy Iovine. The only real negative point I see from Jim’s article is that Apple Music only seems to have heavy metal. (Just kidding, Jim…)

Oh, and I just saw that Christina Warren of Mashable has a first look too. Hers has totally different music. (If she had her way, it we be all Taylor Swift.)