Apple Music Mixes: Why Doesn’t Everyone See the Same Thing?

Apple music mixes

Part of the new Apple Music is the customized mixes you should see in the For You section. One is My New Music Mix, and the other is My Favorites Mix. The former is a selection of new tracks that are, supposedly, related to your listening habits and your ratings. The latter is a selection of music you’ve played a lot, or rated highly. Both of these mixes update once a week, on different days.

Not everyone sees both of these, however.

During the beta campaign for iOS 10 and macOS Sierra, I saw both of these mixes, then, near the end, the My New Music Mix disappeared. I could still see it in my Recently Played, but it didn’t update. I contacted AppleCare support, and it took a while, but I finally was able to see it again. I’m not sure yet if the Apple engineers who were looking into the case did something, or if it just fixed itself; I’m still waiting to hear back from the support person who handled my case.

Interestingly, this support person did not see the My Favorites Mix. And I’ve been hearing from a number of people who see one of these, but not both.

What about you, constant reader? Do you have both of these mixes? Do they update weekly for you?