Apple Music Needs Recently Played and Loved Playlists

Lots of people are enjoying Apple Music during the free trial, but they’re finding that it’s hard to keep track of what they’ve listened to. There’s no Recently Played playlist, unless you’ve downloaded music for offline listening, and have such a playlist in their iTunes library or on their iOS device.

Apple music lovedWith Apple Music, you can mark tracks as Loved, by tapping the ? button. But, unless those tracks are in your iTunes library or on your iOS device, you can’t find them. Marking tracks as Loved helps fine-tune Apple Music’s recommendations, but users might want to go back to all the songs they’ve loved and listen to them again.

Apple Music should not just be about listening to new music, but finding the music you’ve heard and listening to it again. When you play recommendations, if you like the music, the only way to get back to it is to add it to your My Music library. You can only do this while you’re listening to something, or if you find it again later.

All this should be automatic. Apple Music should facilitate not just finding new music, but listening to it again.