Apple Music Replay Provides a Summary of Your Music Listening; or Does It?

Apple Music Replay is a summary of the music you’ve listened to on Apple Music during the year. But, as in previous years, it’s so wrong that I wonder what the point is.

It starts by telling me how much I’ve listened to Apple Music.


This figure of 281 hours might be correct. Less than one hour per day. Given that I listen to music I own a lot, I’m not surprised.

Okay, so, next, it tells me how many different artists I’ve listened to.


Only 32 artists? I call BS on that. I’ve easily listened to a hundred different artists or more. I think they may not be counting Apple Music Radio stations, but still, I’ve listened to a lot more than that.

So how many albums have I listened to?


Only 26 albums? If I’ve got 92 plays – that’s individual tracks – on Another Green World, with 14 tracks on the album, that means that I’ve listened to it 6.5 times. Yes, they’re aggregating all the tracks, but still. If that’s my top album, and it’s 41 minutes long, that’s, well, 266 minutes, or a bit over four hours.

If I look at my Recently Played section of Apple Music For You, I see about 36 albums (some of the recently played items are playlists that I’ve cerated, or radio stations). That’s just in, I think, the past month.

Recently played

If I look at the Recently Played smart playlist on my Mac that uses Cloud Music Library, which shows everything I’ve listened to on Apple Music, there are 166 albums, from 98 artists, which makes a lot more sense. However, the time shows as 4:06:13:09, or 4 months, 6 days, 13 hours, and 9 minutes. That’s about 3,037 minutes, or 126 hours. This doesn’t include Apple Music radio stations, but only music that’s in my library. I do listen to a lot of music that I don’t add to my Apple Music library.

So I’ve listened to music from 166 albums that are in my Apple Music library; and at least another 115 hours of music not in my library. But Apple Music says I’ve only listened to 32 artists and 24 albums.

I’m not sure I get the point of this. It shouldn’t be that hard to get some of these numbers right.