Apple Music Should Display Search Results for Composers

While Apple has started paying more attention to classical music in Apple Music, there’s still a big problem. When you search for a composer, you don’t get search results for music by that composer.

For example, I’ve just done a search for music by Lutoslawski in Apple Music. I see Top Results, Albums, Songs, Artists, and Stations, but not “Composer.”

Apple music composer search

Granted, it’s not easy to know when one is searching for a composer. If I search for, say, Mick Jagger, iTunes could return his albums and songs, but also songs he wrote. I may not care about the latter, and only want to see music he performed. If I search for Bob Dylan, I might find thousands of covers where Dylan is the composer but not performer, making the results too vast. For classical music, however, there should be a way to get a composer search; the Albums don’t contain all the music by any given composer.

You can use the iTunes Power Search to search the iTunes Store for music by composer, but not Apple Music. And there’s no easy way to move from search results in the iTunes Store to Apple Music; Apple doesn’t want you to find music on the iTunes Store and then just stream it, they want you to buy it.

If Apple really wants to make Apple Music usable for classical music, they should add a composer search; even better, add a power search, so people can search for music by a specific composer and and artist.