Apple Needs to Integrate Apple Music into Hi-Fi Audio Devices

I’ve been looking at music streaming audio devices recently. These are hi-fi separates from a number of manufacturers that can stream audio from a number of sources then send them to an amplifier. Here’s the Cambridge Audio CXN, which can stream internet radio stations, as well as offering AirPlay and Bluetooth support, and can stream directly from a hard drive (

One selling point for this type of device is the inclusion of Spotify Connect, the onboard app that lets users access Spotify from speakers, receivers, TVs, and even cars (my new Toyota Yaris has this).

So where’s Apple? Why aren’t they on every type of audio device? Just as Netflix became ubiquitous through their presence on every electronic device, other than a toaster-fridge, Spotify is achieving the same sort of penetration. If Apple Music were on devices like this, I could see the service being a lot more palatable to people who don’t even own Apple devices.

Of course, for now, Apple probably sees Apple Music as a service for Apple users. They do have an Android app, but only because they wanted to target mobile users. Getting Apple Music on hi-fi devices, TVs, and even cars, could make the service easier to use for many people.