Apple Pings Connect

Apple has killed off the Connect feature in Apple Music. Like Ping, the “musical social media” service that Apple tried to roll into iTunes back in 2010, and killed off in 2015. While Ping was meant to connect users and artists, Connect was meant to connect users and artists. And Apple just doesn’t realize that the way to do this is not through iTunes. Artists all have their own social media accounts, and they don’t want to bother with a platform-specific service like Ping or Connect.

Initially, Connect was one of the tabs at the top of the iTunes window when users were in Apple Music. It was later relegated to a tab in For You, and most likely people simply ignored it. I had followed some artists and labels, and checked it from time to time, but there was never anything interesting.

It’s worth noting that Apple has also removed the Recommendations tab in For You; this is what it looked like in iTunes 12.5:


Connect, like Ping, will not be missed.