Apple Releases iTunes 12.4.1, Replacing Things Forgotten in iTunes 12.4

Apple has released iTunes 12.4.1, with some bug fixes, but notably restoring a few features that were “missing” from iTunes 12.4. These include:

  • Crossfade Songs, which didn’t work in iTunes 12.4
  • The Reset Plays command
  • The Convert ID3 Tags command
  • The Update command when you right-click an app in the Updates tab

This update also fixes an issue where songs added to Up Next appear in the wrong order, and corrects some problems with VoiceOver.

What’s surprising here is that some of these “fixes” are things that were missing or forgotten in iTunes 12.4. There is no logical reason why the Reset Plays command and the Convert ID3 Tags command were not in iTunes 12.4, other than sloppiness. I assume the iTunes engineering team has a checklist of features and menu items, and these two commands were simply missing from the menus.

I’ll scratch the above off my list of Minor Changes in iTunes 12.4.