Apple Releases Mac Studio, Studio Display, and Updates iPhone SE and iPad Air

Spring is in the air, and it’s time for Apple to announce new products. This year’s edition sees Apple release a totally new Mac model, the first in many years, and has also released a display, the first since 2016. Apple also updated its least expensive iPhone and the mid-price iPad Air. And added a couple of new colors to the iPhone 13 for good measure.

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4 thoughts on “Apple Releases Mac Studio, Studio Display, and Updates iPhone SE and iPad Air

  1. “the 27″ iMac has been discontinued” I missed this point in other reviews. Does it mean there will NEVER be an iMac 27? I was expecting an M1 version later this year, to replace my two iMac27s which are getting quite old.

    • For now, it’s discontinued. There are rumors of an iMac Pro next year. There’s certainly a possibly that they’ll release an upgrade sooner – at this year’s WWDC, for example – but the fact that they’re not selling it at all suggests that we’ll be waiting some time before they upgrade it.

      I wonder if there are thermal issues with these faster processors that would be problematic for a higher-power iMac than the current 24″ model, which is very thin. Look at the cooling system in the Mac Studio; it’s huge.

  2. Could be a thermal issue, but I thought the M1 ran very cool. I have a M1 Macbook Pro which runs very cool, for example.

    • My M1 MacBook Air is fanless, but this is the base M1. We’ve not got four iterations: the M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max, and M1 Ultra. I read that the Mac Studio with M1 Ultra weighs about 1 kg more than the M1 Max version, because of a different cooling system with a copper heat sink. The are cool compared to Intel processors running at similar speeds, but there is still heat to dissipate. That’s why the Mac Studio is as tall as it is.

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