Apple Said They Fixed iOS Device Syncing; But They Didn’t

I’m so tired of sync problems with iTunes. I ripped some CDs yesterday, and added the music to a playlist that syncs to my iPhone. I wanted to sync the music to my device before walking on my treadmill earlier today, but, of course, the music didn’t sync.

What irks me is that Apple claims to have fixed syncing in the latest update to iTunes (version 12.1), but the same problems are still occurring.

“This update also improves performance when syncing with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.”

I’m seeing the exact same problem that Rob Griffiths wrote about, in detail, regarding his then-new iPhone 6. If I look at the music that is listed as being on my device in iTunes, I see this:

Dimmed tracks itunes

All these dimmed tracks show that they are waiting to be synced. But even when the sync finishes – or, more correctly, times out without displaying any errors – the tracks still show as dimmed, and aren’t on the device.

Of course, now I’ve got this other problem, that we see so often when syncing iOS devices:

Ios device over capacity

iTunes now thinks that my iPhone is totally borked. See all that “Other” space, the yellow in the capacity bar? That’s iTunes now thinking that I don’t have any music on my device, even though the space is used.

I’ve also found that iTunes deleted the contents of some of my playlists, and some playlists entirely. I’ll have to reload a backup of my iTunes library.

Before the release of iOS, syncing was more or less reliable. There were issues, but not as often. But now, it’s a crapshoot.

Come on, Apple, this is getting ridiculous. I’ve restored my iPhone so many times that I’m probably wearing out its flash storage. This happens to so many people, so frequently, that syncing anything to an iOS device is becoming a major ordeal.

If you have sync problems, I would appreciate if you could post a comment below. I’m trying to collect as much information as possible to try and get Apple to pay attention to this issue. Please post the device you’re using, and a brief explanation of the problems you’re having. Also, post if these problems are new, since iOS 8, or if you’ve had them for a long time. Thanks!