Apple Seems to Have Forgotten the Play Button in the iOS 10 Music App

In previous versions of iOS, playing an album or playlist was simple. You’d find the item you wanted to play, then tap its artwork, where there was a BIG PLAY BUTTON.

But in iOS 10, there is no Play button. Here’s what you see when you view an album on an iPad:

Play album

And when looking at a playlist, you see this:

Play playlist

Neither of these screens shows a play button. Tapping the album artwork does nothing. The only play control you see is the Shuffle All text; and not everyone wants to shuffle their albums.

You can start playing an album or playlist by tapping the first track. But it seems a lot more logical to have a big Play button that is a visible target. I think Apple just forgot this; I can’t imagine that they would have removed the Play button from the Music app. We’ll see in the next update.

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