Apple Should Offer an Icon-Only Option for iOS Device Home Screens

I was looking at my iPhone today, and the thought crossed my mind that I don’t really need to see the names of apps beneath their icons. Just as with the four apps in the Dock, I recognize my apps by their icons; their names just get in the way, adding clutter to my iPhone’s home screen. Imagine if it looked like this:

No names

Doesn’t that look a lot better, a lot cleaner? Compare it to this, where the texts of some apps are pretty compressed to make them fit on one line.


It would be great if Apple offered an icon-only option on iOS. One advantage is that it would be possible to decrease the spacing between icons, allowing for an extra row.

These are apps I use daily, and I don’t need to see their names, and I can understand that people who download lots of apps may want to see the names for new apps. So perhaps the option could be just for the first home screen, and only for apps, not for folders.