Apple Simplifies Navigation with iTunes 12.4

Apple on Monday released iTunes 12.4, simplifying some of the complex navigation features that have been criticized in this venison of the media management app. Apple’s release notes for iTunes 12.4 say: “Now enjoy all of your music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and more in a simpler design.” You can update iTunes through the App Store app on your Mac.

When I reviewed iTunes 12 back in late 2014, I said, “Overall, I find the navigation confusing–it requires too many clicks to get around.” I find the changes Apple has wrought to the interface of iTunes 12.4 to be both positive and intuitive, and I think all users will find these new ways of navigation to be more efficient, once they get used to them.

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Also, see Some Minor Changes in iTunes 12.4 for an overview of the smaller changes that I didn’t mention in the article.