Apple to Introduce Half-Price Student Subscription to Apple Music

TechCrunch is reporting that Apple will announce a half-price Apple Music subscription for students of colleges or universities. This subscription will be available in the United States and some other countries, and will be available for up to four years. It won’t even need to be continuous; if you are a student, and you take a break, you could, apparently, sign up again when you return to school. (Though I don’t know why you would cancel the subscription during the break.)

TechCrunch says that this student pricing will be available to both new and current subscribers.

Apple is being aggressive in their pricing, and the major record labels have apparently signed on to this discount. (And all the others just have to accept it, as they have no bargaining power.) The goal is, of course, to get users and hopefully retain them after they graduate. Given the reticence of people to pay for streaming music services, perhaps they all need a drop in price. Many people who don’t listen to a lot of music are hesitant to spend $10 a month; for $5, it could be a no-brainer.