Apple Tweaks iTunes 12.6 Update; Is This Why?

You may have spotted something a bit odd in the iTunes 12.6 update that Apple released this week. If you looked in your Music library, there was an entry for TV & Movies.

If you clicked this, it displayed an empty pane with two tabs, TV Shows and Movies. But there was nothing in those tabs – none of your TV shows or movies showed up there – and you couldn’t add anything to them.

Apple has updated the update – something they’ve been doing a lot lately – and the only difference I’ve found so far is that TV & Movies entry. While it’s still there – you can hover over the top of the Library section, click Edit, and check it to make it visible – it does not display by default.

My speculation is that this has something to do with future Apple Music content. We know that Apple is working on some “TV show” type content, which will be available with an Apple Music subscription. But this also suggests that there will be movies available from Apple Music. It looks as though someone mistakenly allowed this item to be visible. But if it’s not available, why present it at all, even in the Edit menu?

For now, it’s still a dead end. But it raises some interesting questions. Will Apple Music attempt to compete with Netflix and other video streaming services? We’ll find out soon.