Apple Updates iPods

Remember the iPod? That’s the thing that can play music, run apps, show videos, play games, and lots more, just not make phone calls. (Well, the iPod touch is, at least.)

Today, Apple updated the entire iPod line. The iPod touch gets pride of place with a 64-bit, A8 processor, on 8 megapixel camera, and new colors. It also gets storage options of up to 128 GB, twice that of the previous model.

New ipod touch

The iPod nano and shuffle also get new colors.

I had expected that the nano might get wi-fi, so it could use Apple Music, but I guess it’s not an interesting enough device. And I’m a bit surprised that the shuffle still exists, but it is a neat device to use when working out. It’s got one job, and it does it well.

I’ve ordered a new iPod touch. I have the 5th generation model, which I use for testing iOS betas, and it’s very sluggish with iOS 9. The new iPod touch, with the A8 processor, will last several years. Other than that, I only plan to use it to stream music, so I opted for the 32 GB model.

It’s interesting to note how long these devices have been around since their last update. The iPod shuffle dates back to September, 2010. The iPod nano was last updated in September, 2012. And the iPod touch in September, 2012 as well, though there was a 16 GB model added to the iPod touch line in May, 2013. So that’s nearly five years for the iPod shuffle, and it’s clearly still selling enough for Apple to refresh the model.

Do any of you still use iPods? I’ve got an iPod classic that I use sometimes, listening around the house with headphones. And I do use my touch for streaming, since I don’t want to turn on iCloud Music Library on my iPhone.