Apple Updates the iPod touch

Apple has updated the iPod touch; it was last refreshed back in 2015. The company has added the A10 Fusion chip to the device. While not the newest, this is a much faster processor than the previous model. It is available with three levels of storage: 32 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB, and is priced at $199, $299, and $399.

I remember back in the day when people with iPod classics would have loved a 256 GB device (the biggest iPod classic held 160 GB). The iPod touch is still a great device if you have a large music library, and it’s perfect for a kid who wants to play games on a small device yet not have cellular access. Or let a kid use it to take photos; while it’s not the best camera in an Apple device, and it’s only 8 Mp, it’s still a great way for kids to get into photography.

When this was announced yesterday, many people on Twitter were mocking this update, suggesting that no one uses the iPod touch any more. Alas, they are very wrong. It’s widely used in industry, in warehouses, as point of sale devices, and in health care. Even Apple’s retail stores uses iPod touch devices (at least in the UK). So while this may not be a big seller to individuals, that’s not Apple’s only market.

Oh, and it has a headphone jack. Just saying…

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  1. Hi Mr. McElhearn, you neatly summarized the ‘inside-the-tech-bubble’ pundit views on Twitter, etc.
    Out here in the real world there are plenty of uses for the iPod touch, and not just kids or business, here’s one of them…
    I’ve been an Apple product user since the early 80s, and waited in line for iPhone (the original). I’m disturbed by Apple’s direction with soft and hardware in the last few years and am off the bandwagon. I searched a while for an iPod Touch with iOS 10 but could never find one. I use an iPhone 7 but make very few calls or SMS. I would be fine with a ‘dumb’ flip phone or something and an iPod Touch for iOS stuff like games, alarms, snapshots, Messages, WhatsApp etc. I’m often in wifi range so that combo could be good for me.
    Alas a new one would be with iOS 12 installed, no option to revert, and that would not be a good fit with the rest of my ‘frozen-in-time’ setup.

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