Apple Watch 8 Review – Why Change What Works?

While the first few years of the Apple Watch saw a refinement in the device’s focus, and a raft of new features being added to the watch, the last few years have been much less eventful. One could almost call this stagnation, as if this now mature product has little room to grow, and Apple adds a couple of new features each year to try to make new models attractive.

While new processors make a big difference to computers, and new displays change the way phones and tablets work, there’s little left to add to a smartwatch. The very nature of the device, and the way it is used, mean that it will remain essentially a passive device, displaying information and collecting data.

This year’s model only features two new features, both of which are useful, but neither of them may be enough to sway owners of recent Apple Watches. Unlike phones, which get upgraded on average every two to three years, smartwatches stay around for longer, so most potential purchasers of the Apple Watch 8 will see not just these two features, but all the additions since their last purchase.

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