Apple Watch: Here’s How I’ve Set Up My Home Screen

Applewatch reduce motionOne day in with my Apple Watch, I’ve found a very comfortable way to organize apps on its small display. The first thing I did was turn off the feature that has the app icons change size and move around on a virtual sphere. To do that, go to Settings > Accessibility, and turn on Reduce Motion.

If you do this, all the app icons will remain at full size.

Applewatch home screen watchI quickly found it annoying to try and imagine which app icons were beyond the edge of the display. If I set up the icons in a sort of circle, which is the way the Apple Watch displays them out of the box, I’d never remember which icons weren’t visible.

So, I decided to set up the icons vertically, as you can see to the left.

Here’s how they look in the Apple Watch app on my iPhone:

Applewatch home screen

I find this a very simple way to navigate the phone. The apps I use most are around the Watch app, and the others – including all the Apple apps I don’t use and can’t delete – are at the bottom. When you press the digital crown to get to the app home screen, it centers around the Watch app, so, as you can see in the watch screenshot above; all the apps I’m likely to want to use are quickly accessible, since they’re close to that app.