AppleCare Support Understaffed In the UK

I’ve always found Apple’s support to be excellent; superior to any other hardware company I’ve dealt with. I buy AppleCare contracts for all my Macs, and, last week, I had a question for Apple support. I called in twice, but each time was told that the wait time would be longer than ten minutes; I didn’t have enough time to wait.

Today, I did, and I called Apple just before noon. I was told, again, that the wait time would be superior to ten minutes. But I didn’t expect it to be as long as it was. From the time I first got connected to Apple’s support number, and began the process of getting triaged through their speech recognition system (which took about two minutes), it took an astounding thirty minutes and forty-five seconds (30:45) to get a human being on the line.

Clearly Apple’s UK support is understaffed. I find this quite problematic; this isn’t free support, at least not in my case; I’ve paid for additional and extended support. Waiting times like this are simply unacceptable.