Apple’s 0% Financing: Clearing Stock for New Apple Products?

Apple is offering 0% financing for 12 months in a number of countries right now. In the UK, the minimum purchase is £99, and the offer is good through March 14.

Apple 0 percent

In France, you need to spend €249, but it’s good through March 30. Apple Germany is offering the same deal – €249 or more – but specifies no end date. And Apple Spain gives you 11 months of 0% financing, for €150 or more. Again, not end date is specified.

Could this be an attempt to clear out stock in certain countries before new Macs (and iPads) arrive? If so, it’s odd to see different end dates to the offer, and some countries where the offer seems open ended. Also, a number of other European countries have no such financing offers. But it is likely that we’ll at least be seeing new iPads soon, along with, perhaps, a refresh of the iPhone SE. And maybe, just maybe, new or updated Macs…